ABMA Publications

Please find below a collection of white papers produced by ABMA Product and Marketing Groups and Technical Consultants.

Why Steam – Leader in Energy Management
Why Steam dispels steam myths, shares insights on the evolution of steam and dives into how steam continues to be the best energy transfer medium along with how boilers have evolved to meet ever-changing customer steam needs. Download the publication here.

Boiler Installation Guide
The Boiler Installation Guide addresses common issues impacting the safety & proper installation of boilers. Download the publication here.

Boiler Types for Steam Applications
Boiler Types for Steam Applications focuses on the advantages and drawbacks of different boiler types, educates end-users on the options in the marketplace, and details the pros and cons for specific applications. Download the publication here.


Specification Design Life Requirements and Implications Relative to Boilers

Characterization of the U. S. Industrial Commercial Boiler PopulationA Study by Energy; Environmental Analysis, Inc. Submitted to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, May 2005

Packaged Commercial Watertube Boiler

Packaged Firetube Boilers

ABMA Radiation Loss Curve

Boiler Horsepower: History of Definitions in the Firetube Boiler Industry


Determining & Testing Boiler Efficiency: for Commercial/Institutional Packaged Boilers


Guidelines for Rental Boilers


Comparison of Fatigue Assessment Techniques: for Heat Recovery Steam Generators


Deaeration: A Discussion of Boiler Deaerator Technologies In Use in Today's Market Place ... A White Paper by the Deaerator Manufacturers Product/Market Group of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association

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