Boiler Maintenance Schedule

The Boiler Room Maintenance Schedule was published by ABMA to address the need for proper maintenance and make sure those working with boilers are aware of the myriad of processes that should be put in place to ensure consistent operations, avoid downtime and focus on employee safety.

Routine maintenance can head off major issues and our schedule highlights processes that can extend the life of the boiler, while preventing downtime, saving costs, achieving cleaner combustion and improve safety by reducing risks.

The schedule uniquely breaks down each component and recommended testing procedures along with how often it should be checked from daily to weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual. Additionally, it provides recommendations on certain categories to be inspected as required, based off the use of a particular unit. Routine maintenance ensures an efficient and safe boiler.

Learn how to extend the life of the boiler, while preventing shutdowns and saving costs.

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“Proper boiler monitoring and maintenance is a requirement, not only for the longevity of the boiler, but to ensure continued safe operation of the boiler.” — Joel Amato, Executive Director, The National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI)

“Proper boiler maintenance is critical to the safe use and operation of these vital machines. UL recommends that users always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for use and adhere to the related equipment maintenance schedule.  In fact, a review of these important documents is required for gas boilers certified under UL 795.  In order to ensure continued reliable use of your boiler, proper technician training, operation and maintenance is key.” — Mark Skierkiewicz, Principal Engineer for Combustion Products, UL