2022 ABMA Annual Meeting

The 2022 Annual Meeting took place on Jan 14-17 at the Hyatt Indian Wells.

ABMA was excited to bring the industry together and want to thank all who attended and helped make our event successful!

ABMA and its members will convene to learn about current & emerging industry trends and provide networking opportunities for you to enhance and grow your business relationships.

The Annual Meeting is a key event for stakeholders in the boiler manufacturing industry and where the industry comes together to network and gain insights on the latest impacting trends and issues.

Boiler Focused Content Highlights Include:

  • Boilers & Their Safety in Latin America - Carlos Lasarte
  • Regulatory Processes - Ross Badertscher, SJVAPCD
  • "NBBI at Your Service", An Inside Look at The National Board - Joel Amato, NBBI
  • Alternate Fuel Listings - Mark Skierkiewcz, UL
  • Firing H2 in the Real World: Lessons Learned & Project Outcomes - Bob Langstine, Zeeco


Economic Trends and Forecast -The Year Ahead

Alan Beaulieu

  • One of the country’s most informed economists.
  • Principal at the ITR Economics.
  • Consults with companies throughout the globe on how to forecast, plan, and increase their profits based on business cycle trend analysis.
  • Contributing Editor for Industry Week.

Antarctic Mike Pierce

Mike Pierce, better known as Antarctic Mike, works with organizations that want to find, engage and keep the best-performing people. Mike’s background professionally started in the recruiting business in 1997, working specifically to show managers and leaders exactly how to identify and recruit the best people. He now speaks across the US and Canada to executive teams, organizations, associations and sales teams about how to lead people so they are fully engaged in what they do.

Mike is an avid fan of polar expedition history and is an endurance athlete. In 2006, Mike became one of 9 people to run the first ever Antarctic Ice Marathon and a year later became the first American to run the Antarctic 100k, a grueling 62 miles on an ice shelf 600 miles from the South Pole.

His flagship program, Leading at 90 Below Zero, connects the drivers and principles of Antarctic expedition history stories to the real world of finding, engaging and keeping great people in today’s business world.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the ABMA Annual Meeting 
  1. Making connections is smart business strategy. No matter how connected we are online, face-to-face interaction yields stronger relationships, which correlate to more sales and competitive business advantages. 
  2. Get ahead by staying ahead. Be among the first to know about industry changes, advancements and forecasts.
  3. Who wants to reinvent the wheel? Learning from and collaborating with others is what the most successful business leaders do regularly. 
  4. Get what you pay for. Membership meetings are part of your ABMA membership benefits – take advantage and your company will reap the rewards. 
  5. Downtime is good for you and your business. Studies show that taking time to “recharge” actually increases productivity.

 For questions about meetings, please contact ABMA at [email protected].