ABMA Central Point of Contact For Federal Advocacy

ABMA serves as the collective voice of boiler manufacturers and their suppliers, amplifying the impact any single company could have.  ABMA provides the central point of contact and advocacy for the industry.   

The actions of government - lawmakers and regulators - have a significant impact on your company's bottom line. ABMA monitors and influences those actions that will most likely affect the way the boiler industry does business.  ABMA's staff, experienced in the ways of Washington bureaucracy, work in tandem with industry leaders to educate and persuade authorities on the appropriate scientific and technical course of action. In addition, the association has built deep relationships with officials at the EPA, DOE and other key agencies and continues to create new opportunities for interactions. 

Both independently and in coalition with like-minded state and national organizations, ABMA assists elected and appointed government officials to understand the boiler industry and its technology.  We have a long and successful track record of continually addressing key issues such as:

  • Balanced Energy Policy Changes at Attainable Levels
  • Globalization & Fair Trade
  • New Energy Technology Incentives & Initiatives

The advocacy and strong voice offered by ABMA raises the visibility of the industry without highlighting any one individual company, and focuses on the public attention on its competency, relevance, efficiency and environmental consciousness.