Product & Market Groups

ABMA enjoys a diverse membership that serves, through its products and services, many different segments of the commercial, institutional, industrial and power generating markets (>400,000 Btuh heat input). To insure that individual ABMA member companies do not lose focus on the product lines and markets important to them, ABMA's structure provides for Product/Market Groups representing the specially-defined markets listed below.

ABMA's Product/Market Groups act as mini-associations under the wider ABMA umbrella -- deciding their own agendas, following their own trends and issues, and developing their own programs to meet their own needs. This structure assures that all product and service lines are represented equally within ABMA and that no single interest becomes more important than another. ABMA's Board of Directors and staff carefully and continuously monitor overall industry trends and may add new Product/Market Groups as warranted.

Alternative Energy Group
Roger Trinka, E-Tech, Chair
Terry Huddle, CB Sales & Service, Vice Chair

Burner Group
Jason Howard, Power Flame, Chair
Ian Lindsay, Vice-Chair

Commercial Systems Group
Dave Reinick, Johnston Boiler, Chair
Paul Ingham, Thermogenics, Vice Chair

Controls & Instrumentation Group 
Steve Craig, Hays Cleveland, Chair
Travis Hardin, Underwriter Laboratories, Vice-Chair

Deaerator Group
Tom Garbarino, BFS Industries, Chair
Patrick Racine, Eldon Water

Environmental Affairs & Services Group
Bill Testa, Nationwide Boiler, Chair
im Shippy, CECO Peerless, Vice-Chair

Industrial Systems Group
Gabriel Dauphin, Superior Boiler, Chair
Doug MacMaster, Miura, Vice-Chair

International Group
Rocky Bahramzad, Cleaver-Brooks, Chair
Arvo Eilau, Emerson, Vice Chair

Rental Boiler Group
Larry Day, Nationwide Boiler, Chair
Jim Lowell, CB Sales & Services, Vice Chair

For questions about Product/Market Groups, please click here to contact Cheryl Jamall on the ABMA staff.