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ABMA Membership has two primary membership categories - Active Members (Boiler & Combustion Product Manufacturers) and Associate Members (Boiler System & Environmental Component Manufacturers). In 2023, ABMA launched membership for Manufacturer Representatives.

There are also membership opportunities for Professionals/Consultants interested in engaging with the boiler industry.

Details on these categories are below along with a link to our online membership application.

Active Members (Boiler and Combustion Product Manufacturers)
Annual Dues: $5,400 and up based on the previous year’s revenue for boilers and components.
Manufacturers, designers and/or fabricators) of boilers (including watertube boilers, firetube boilers, condensing boilers, tubeless boilers, electric boilers, waste heat recovery boilers, heat recovery steam generators, cast iron boilers, fluidized bed boilers, fuel burning or combustion devices or systems such as burners, stokers and fluid bed combustors equipment or systems that perform heat recovery, such as superheaters, economizers, preheaters, or fuel preparation, such as pulverizers, and any other equipment or systems.

Associate Members (Boiler System & Environmental Component Manufacturers)
Annual Dues: $5,500 flat rate.
Organizations and companies engaged in the production and/or distribution of products or services for use by an Active Member or a boiler owner, operator or user, such as environmental equipment and systems components. Also eligible for Associate Membership are those who own, operate, or use boilers or boiler-related equipment/systems. A company eligible for Active Membership may not apply for nor be accepted as an Associate Member.

Professional Affiliate Members (Professionals/Consultants)
Annual Dues: $550 flat rate.
Any combustion or mechanical engineering student, teacher, professor, recognized institution of higher learning (including trade schools), individual consultant (not affiliated with an established firm or corporation), or industry retiree who wishes to maintain an informational connection to the Association. The class of Professional Affiliate membership has its own dues level. Professional Affiliate Members receive regular email news updates (ABMA does not license or distribute its email addresses outside of the membership), access to the ABMA Members Only website [except for the Electronic Statistics Program (ESP)], Member rates for publications, and Member rates for meetings, conferences and seminars. Use of the ABMA Logo to denote membership is restricted to Active and Associate Members Only.

Manufacturer Representative Members (NEW for 2023-24)
Annual Dues: $3,750 flat rate.
Any company with a substantial part of their business representing boiler industry manufacturers and a direct business relationship with at least one ABMA Active or Associate member company qualifies for this category of membership. Companies with a substantial part of their business in rentals and other ancillary services may qualify as an Associate Member.  Click Here for More Details on Manufacturer Representative Membership

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Subsidiaries or Affiliates of Active and Associate companies have the ability to be separate members.

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